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Our easy to use, peel-and-stick acrylic indicator patches are designed to be used in our transmissive dip probes for in-situ pH measurements in process line and monitoring applications. Once applied to the lens of your dip probe, the patch becomes part of the transmission measurement while remaining in constant contact with the solution.

These transmissive pH patches are capable of monitoring pH 5 – 9 in liquids, and are ideal for measurements of power plant cooling water, process lines, and for monitoring seawater in aquariums and on research vessels.

Making Measurements:
  • Measure patches using an RE-BIFBORO-2 fiber probe, T300-SLEEVE or TP300-SLEEVE probe sleeve, RT-5MM or RTP-2-10 probe tip, visible light source and spectrometer (25 – 50 μm slit), and pH software plug-in
  • Can be used for process line applications via its standard, 1/4″ pressure-fittable ferrule
  • Provided in a package of 5 transmissive patches
Patch qualities:
  • Flexible patch material allows adhesion to curved surfaces.
  • Silicone adhesive maintains optical clarity and mechanical hold to glass and plastics for months in aqueous environments; tested at pH 1 and 11, in DI water, and seawater.
  • Fast response (<30 seconds) in liquid media.
Notes on care and use:
  • The transmissive pH patches have a white backing liner which is most easily removed using a razor blade at the edge. Discard the white portion and simply adhere the clear/green material to the probe lens.
  • Ensure there are no bubbles in the path length of the probe tip. These are very mechanically robust, so feel free to shake them and tap them against the side of your vessel to free any trapped bubbles.
  • Rinse the probe tip in deionized water between exposure to different buffers and samples; trapped liquid residue at the tip can contaminate the next environment.
Mechanical Specifications

Engineering Specifications PH-BCG-TRANS
Patch diameter: 4 mm
Quantity: 5
Substrate material: Acrylate
Temperature range: 0 to 50ºC
Adhesive pH compatibility: pH 4.0 – 10.0

Reflective pH Patch Performance Specifications

Engineering Specifications PH-BCG-TRANS
pH Range:
5 – 9
Analytical wavelength: 620 nm
Baseline correction wavelengths: 509 nm (isosbestic), or > 750 nm
Accuracy: 0.05 pH unit (<1% of reading across range)
Resolution: 0.02 pH unit
Response time: 10 seconds
Calibration requirements (minimum): Calibration reset: 3 buffers
Full calibration: 6 buffers
Sterilization: Gamma radiation, EtO (ethylene oxide)
Chemical compatibility*: Aqueous, alcohols, some organic solvents, peroxides, ammonia, sodium hypochlorite
Discrete stability(lifetime): 50 uses or more. Dispose when absorbance at pH 11 < 0.1 (assumes pH 1 reference)
Storage conditions: Dry storage preferred

*Chemical compatibility test recommended for unique solutions.

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used:

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