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Most of the Ocean Optics spectrometers receive power from the computer through the USB connection. However, there are special circumstances for which we have you covered with universal power supplies.

Item Code Description
USB-CBL-PS 5V universal power supply for spectrometers in serial mode
WT-12V Regulated 12 V universal power supply (1.5A, 110/220 VAC)
WT-12V-R Regulated 12 VDC power supply (2.5A, 110 V)
WT-12V-R-E Regulated 12 VDC power supply (2.5A, 110 V), with European-version cord for connecting power supply to wall outlet
WT-24V 24 VDC power supply (110 V)
WT-110-US Regulated Power Supply and Cord (5.0A, 110V) for QE65PRO/NIRQUEST
WT-12V-HL HL-2000 Series (except HL-2000-HP & HL-2000-HP-FHSA)
WT-220-E Regulated Power Supply and Cord (5.0A, 220V) for QE65PRO/NIRQUEST (Europe)
WT-24V-HP Power supply for HL-2000-HP, HL-2000-FHSA, & MPM; primary voltage: 100-240 VAC 60/50Hz/800 mA secondary voltage 24 VDC stabilized, maximum load: 1500 mA.

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