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This attenuated total reflection probe is specifically designed for measuring highly absorbent samples, even up to the 4000-5000 AU/cm range. The probe can be inserted directly into the sample for spectral measurements without sample dilution. Typical applications involve analysis of pure inks, dyes and crude oil samples. What’s more, this probe can be used as a general deposition probe if the refractive index of the material that is depositing on the probe tip is greater than that of the probe’s sapphire crystal, or is greater than 1.7.

  • Ideal for samples with high optical density
  • Connects to light source and spectrometer with two 600 μm fibers
  • Suitable for 4000 – 5000 AU/cm samples, no sample dilution needed

Engineering Specifications PRO-PROBE-ATR
Outer diameter: 12.7 mm (0.5″) or optional 12 mm (0.47″) available
Probe length: ~305 mm
Body materials: 316 stainless steel (Hastelloy C, Titantium and Monel also available)
Crystal material: Sapphire
Seals: Viton (Chemraz, Kalrez also available)
Pressure limit: 10,000 psig
Fiber connections: SMA 905
Temperature limit: 300ºC
Wavelength range: UV-NIR

Applications in which this product is used:

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: