Process Micro Flow Cells


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Process-ready micro flow cells combine with Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories for online measurement of gas or liquid streams in demanding industrial environments. The cells provide extremely small pathlengths (to 0.02 mm) without restricting sample flow.

With the addition of adjustable optical interface couplers (OICs), the micro flow cells can be adapted to measure high absorbance concentrations (0-50.0 AU) without diluting the sample. Micro flow cells are available in 3/8” and 1/8” diameter, come in stainless steel and other robust materials and have pathlengths ranging from 0.02 mm-2.0 mm. An optional micro flow cell view port allows users to observe the sample stream as it flows through the cell.

  • Short pathlengths – optical pathlengths as small as 0.02 mm for high concentration samples
  • Rugged materials – choose from stainless steel, Titanium and other cell body materials
  • Viewport option – monitor the same stream as it flows through the cell

Engineering Specifications 1/8” Micro Flow Cell 3/8” Micro Flow Cell
Body material: Stainless steel (standard); Titanium, Hastelloy C and Monel (optional) Stainless steel (standard); Titanium, Hastelloy C and Monel (optional)
OIC seal material: Epoxy or FDA Class VI epoxy FDA Class VI epoxy
OIC optical materials: Fused silica fiber Fused silica fiber
OIC window materials: Fused silica Fused silica
Pathlength: 0.02 mm-2.0 mm 0.05 mm-2.0 mm
Port connection: 1/8” compression fitting 3/8” compression fitting
Fiber terminations: SMA 905 SMA 905
Recommended fiber: 600 µm 600 µm
Pressure: 1,000 psig 2,000 psig
Temperature: 204 °C 204 °C
Wavelength range: 200-2400 nm 200-2400 nm
Viewport option: Yes No

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