Raman Process Probes


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With an extension tube design to protect probe optics from the high temperatures of process environments, RPP Raman process probes help bring Raman spectroscopy to industrial applications. The RPP’s pressure-tight, stainless steel extension tube can be immersed in process streams and hostile environments without affecting the probe’s Raman-optimized filtering and focusing optical design.

RPP probes are available for 532 nm, 785 nm and other excitation wavelengths, with FC and SMA 905 connectors for excitation and collection fibers. The probes are rated to 3000 psi and can be heated to 500 °C.

  • Process-ready design – extension tube separates optics from high temperature environments
  • In situ measurements – immerse tube in process streams without affecting probe optics
  • Short working distance – choice of working distance from 0.5 mm to 6 mm
  • Deep laser line blocking – OD 8 attenuation of the Rayleigh line

Engineering Specifications RPP Probes
Excitation wavelengths: 532 nm and 785 nm (standard)
Spectral range:* 250 – 3900 cm-1
Laser line blocking: OD 8
Sampling head: Stainless steel
Extension tube: Stainless steel
Temperature (maximum): 500 °C probe 200 °C external optics
Pressure (maximum): 3000 psi
Probe length: 230 mm (8”)
Probe diameter: 206 mm (13/16”)
Extension tube: 9.5 mm diameter (3/8”) x 228 mm (9”) length
Working distance: 0.5 mm-6 mm
Fiber configuration: Excitation and collection fibers; 0.22 NA
Fiber length: 5 m
Fiber connectors: FC (standard) and SMA 905
Safety shutter: Yes

*Ultimate spectral range depends on detection range of the spectrometer, and may be more limited

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