RE-BIFBORO-2 Bifurcated Probe Assembly

RE-BIFBORO-2 Bifurcated Probe Assembly


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This bifurcated optical fiber is optimized for making non-invasive oxygen measurements using RedEye® oxygen sensing patches. It couples directly to NeoFox oxygen sensing system electronics.

  • Optimized for use with all RedEye® oxygen sensing patches and pH sensing patches.
  • Randomized fiber bundle is highly tolerant to signal variations typically caused by fiber movement and stress.
  • Can be used with the T300SLEEVE or TPSLEEVE transmissive dip probe accessory as a more stable dip probe configuration
Non-sensor uses:
  • Reflection
  • Fluorescence
  • In transmissive mode with the dip probe accessories described above

Engineering Specifications RE-BIFBORO-2
Core diameter: 1000 μm
Spot size: 2 mm
Probe ferrule material: Stainless steel
Probe ferrule diameter: 3.175 mm (1/8″)
Probe ferrule length (nominal): 107 mm (4.2″)
Fiber jacketing: Black PVC monocoil
Fiber assembly length: 2 m

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: