Single and Double Pass Transmission Probes

Single and Double Pass Transmission Probes


Robust Transmission Probes for Process Applications

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PRO-PROBE-SPP Single pass process transmission probe
PRO-PROBE-TR Double pass process transmission probe

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These process-ready transmission probes are ideal for online measurement of sample streams in demanding environments. Available in various pathlengths and materials, they possess linearity superior to that of our standard transmission dip probes, and can be used as part of a process system or combined with our spectrometers and accessories to create real-time monitoring systems for a variety of transmission applications.

The probes transmit light through the sample by offset-folding the beam 180º and back via a protected reflector. The transmitted light is carried back to a spectrometer where the absorbance measured can be converted to concentration units.

  • Connects to light source and spectrometer with two 600 μm fibers
  • Useful when sample concentrations are higher than typical
  • Single-pass probes are best for pathlengths from 1 – 6 mm
  • Double-pass probes are best for pathlengths from 5 – 20 mm

Engineering Specifications PRO-PROBE-SPP PRO-PROBE-TR
Probe type: Single pass Double pass
Outer diameter: 25.4 mm (1.0″) 19.1 mm (0.75″)
Probe length: ~305 mm ~305 mm
Pathlength: 1 mm – 10 mm; please specify 2 mm – 20 mm; please specify
Body materials: 316 stainless steel (Hastelloy C, Titanium and Monel also available) 316 stainless steel (Hastelloy C, Titanium and Monel also available)
Window materials: Quartz (sapphire also available) Quartz (sapphire also available)
Seals: Viton (Chemraz, Kalrez also available) Viton (Chemraz, Kalrez also available)
Pressure limit: 7,000 psig 7,000 psig
Temperature limit: 300ºC for probe body 300ºC for probe body
Wavelength range: 200 – 2400 nm 200 – 2400 nm
Fiber Jacketing: PVDF jacketing PVDF jacketing
Connector: SMA 905 SMA 905
Operating Temperature: Up to 100 ºC without sleeve Up to 100 ºC without sleeve

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: