SMA 905 Connector Kits


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Our SMA 905 Connector Kits are a cost-effective way to restock your fiber assembly station. Each kit of 10 SMA 905 Connectors are precisely drilled for use with our optical fiber. Both our standard hex-nut and premium knurled SMA 905 connectors are available for fiber core sizes from 100 μm through 1000 μm.

  • Kit of 10 identical SMA connectors, pre-drilled for use with our unjacketed bulk optical fiber
  • Compatible with our 100 – 1000 μm core diameter fiber

Engineering Specifications TERMKITSMA-xxx TERMKITQSMA-xxx
Connector: Standard hex-nut SMA 905 Premium knurled SMA 905
Drilled hole size: 150 – 1300 μm (see product variations table for options) 150 – 1300 μm (see product variations table for options)

Fiber Compatibility Drilled Hole Size Standard Hex-Nut SMA 905 Connector Kit Premium Knurled SMA 905 Connector Kit
50 / 100 µm 150 µm TERMKITSMA-150 TERMKITQSMA-150
200 µm 270 µm TERMKITSMA-270 TERMKITQSMA-270
300 µm 380 µm TERMKITSMA-380 TERMKITQSMA-380
400 µm 490 µm TERMKITSMA-490 TERMKITQSMA-490
600 µm 710 µm TERMKITSMA-710 TERMKITQSMA-710
1000 µm 1300 µm TERMKITSMA-1300 TERMKITQSMA-1300

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: