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The SpectroPipetter is a 10 mm pathlength sampling device for absorbance measurements of small-volume samples in protein chemistry, molecular biology and forensic toxicology. The pipetter couples to Ocean Optics high-sensitivity spectrometers and light sources and requires as little as 2 µL of the sample for a measurement.

The SpectroPipetter has a fiber optic design to carry light to and from the sample, and to act as a plunger to retrieve the sample. The tip of the pipette includes a proprietary micro-sample cell that acts as an optical waveguide for aqueous sample solutions.

  • Microliter-level sampling – requires just 2 µL sample volume
  • Small volume absorbance – uses include protein and DNA analysis
  • Clever pipette design – plunger retrieves sample and acts as waveguide

Engineering Specifications SpectroPipetter
Sample volume: 2 µL
Pathlength: 10 mm
Temperature range: 4-99 °C
Launch fiber: 200 µm (bundle)
Return fiber: 200 µm
Wavelength range: Depends on spectrometer configuration; UV response to ~230 nm

Applications in which this product is used:

Measurement Techniques in which this product is used: