USB-ISS Series Illuminated Cuvette Holders


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USB-ISS series integrated cuvette holder-light source accessories for USB2000 and USB4000 spectrometers accommodate 1 cm pathlength cuvettes and are ideal for creating monolithic spectrophotometers from Ocean Optics components. The USB-ISS-UV-VIS-2 covers UV-Vis and Shortwave NIR wavelengths (200-1100 nm) and the USB-ISS-VIS covers Vis-Shortwave NIR wavelengths (390-900 nm).

  • Integrated sampling systems – sample cell-light source attaches to USB2000 /USB4000 spectrometers
  • UV-Vis and Vis-NIR options – versions for coverage from 200-1100 nm or 390-900 nm
  • Convenient – measure absorbance using standard 1 cm square cuvettes

Engineering Specifications USB-ISS-UV-VIS-2 USB-ISS-VIS
Dimensions: 198 mm x 105.1 mm x 40.6 mm 198 mm x 104.9 mm x 40.9 mm
Weight: 200 g 400 g
Wavelength range: ~200-1100 nm 390-900 nm
Cuvette pathlength: 1 cm 1 cm
Cuvette Z dimension: 15 mm 15 mm
Light source: Deuterium-tungsten Tungsten-violet LEDs
Bulb life (hours): 800 deuterium; 2,000 tungsten 2,000 tungsten; 45,000 LEDs

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