VFT-Series Vacuum Feedthroughs


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Ocean Optics offers a full line of fiber vacuum feedthrough accessories for vacuum chamber applications such as semiconductor and thin film processing. These vacuum feedthroughs include general-purpose bolt-style feedthroughs with an O-ring, and feedthroughs mounted in conflat and ISO KF industrial-grade flanges. All have in-vacuum and in-air side male SMA 905 connectors for coupling to optical fibers (available separately).

O-ring bolt-style feedthroughs are designed to perform well in NEMA enclosures, glove boxes and moderate- to high-pressure applications, while conflat and ISO KF flanges are ideal for mounting to an existing vacuum chamber port.

  • Each feedthrough comes with two splice bushings, which are in-line adapters to mate SMA 905 connectors
  • O-ring feedthroughs can be screwed into a 3/8-24 external threaded hole in the vacuum chamber, or can be bolted into a smooth hole with the provided nut and washer
  • Metal-jacketed optical fiber assemblies are recommended for the low-pressure side of the chamber to minimize outgassing

Engineering Specifications O-ring Feedthroughs Conflat Feedthroughs ISO KF Feedthroughs
Construction: Novel metal-to-glass seal mounted in a bolt with recessed O-ring, provided with nut and washer Surgical-grade stainless steel fiber feedthrough welded into industry standard flange Surgical-grade stainless steel fiber feedthrough welded into industry standard flange
Vacuum rating: 10-10 Torr  10-10 Torr  10-10 Torr
Maximum temperature: 350 °C 300 °C 300 °C

Feedthrough type Extreme Solarization Resistant
(180 – 800 nm)
Solarization Resistant 
(200 – 1100 nm)
(200 – 800 nm)
(400 – 2100 nm)
O-ring VFT-100-UV VFT-100-VIS
VFT-200-SR VFT-200-VIS
VFT-400-SR VFT-400-VIS
VFT-600-SR VFT-600-VIS
VFT-1000-UV VFT-1000-VIS
1.33″ OD Conflat  VFT-115-XSR-133  –  –
 VFT-230-XSR-133  VFT-200-UV-133  VFT-200-VIS-133
 VFT-450-XSR-133 VFT-400-UV-133 VFT-400-VIS-133
VFT-600-XSR-133 VFT-600-UV-133 VFT-600-VIS-133
VFT-1000-UV-133 VFT-1000-VIS-133
2.75″ OD Conflat  – VFT-200-UV-275 VFT-200-VIS-275
 –  VFT-400-UV-275  VFT-400-VIS-275
 –  –  VFT-600-UV-275 VFT-600-VIS-275
 –  VFT-1000-UV-275 VFT-1000-VIS-275
1.18″ OD KF16 ISO  –  –  VFT-200-UV-16  VFT-200-VIS-16
 –  –  VFT-400-UV-16 VFT-400-VIS-16
 –  –  VFT-600-UV-16  VFT-600-VIS-16
 – VFT-1000-UV-16  VFT-1000-VIS-16
2.16″ OD KF40 ISO  – VFT-200-UV-40 VFT-200-VIS-40
 –  VFT-400-UV-40  VFT-400-VIS-40
 –  –  VFT-600-UV-40 VFT-600-VIS-40
 –  – VFT-1000-UV-40 VFT-1000-VIS-40

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