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Protein Structure Exposed

Protein Folding

Protein Folding with Modular Spectroscopy

Proteins: Lysozyme and Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)

Environment: Neutral and Acidic Solutions

At neutral pH, proteins take on their native, fully functional, folded state. Under acidic conditions, the proteins denature and expose amino acids previously contained within the hydrophobic core of the protein to the aqueous environment. This dramatic change in environment results in a change in the fluorescence spectrum for the protein that can be monitored using Ocean Optics modular spectroscopy system.

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Watch “the Protein Folding Dance” in Your Lab

Why Modular Spectroscopy

  • Spectrometer – 
    QE Pro-FL detects low fluorescence signals
  • Light Source – 
    LLS-280 nm UV LED to excite fluorescence
  • Cuvette Holder – 
    CUV-ALL-UV with two mirrored screw plugs to enhance the fluorescence signal
  • Cuvettes – 
    CVFL-Q-10 Quartz fluorescence cuvette
  • Fiber  QP600-025-XSR to couple the spectrometer and LED to the cuvette holder

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Fluorescence Setup

    • Take the measurement to the sample 
    • Interchangeable components maximize flexibility
    • One instrument for many measurement techniques
    • Do more with less time and money