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Recent Publications

Review some of the latest scientific papers published by Ocean Optics customers, using NIR spectroscopy.  

Optical coupling effects on the performance of 3D SERS bio-sensors

A Polyakov, A Rogacs – Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2017 –
The rest of the optical path remains unchanged. For reflectivity we used HL-2000 Tungsten Halogen
broadband light source from Ocean Optics (OO) and the USB2000+VIS-NIR spectrometer from
Ocean Optics shown as blue rectangles in figure 4. The sample was

Analyzing the Kinetics of a Bromophenol Blue Fading Reaction in Basic Conditions for an Undergraduate Lab

Z Popovic – 2017 –
Page 3. 1. Background Page 4. Chemical Kinetics and Spectrometry ● Kinetics labs can be
performed in a wide variety of undergraduate Page 9. Using the Ocean Optics Spectrometer to
Run Experiment ● The Ocean Optics spectrometer is paired with OceanView software that

Longitudinal monitoring of skin accumulation of nanocarriers and biologicals with fiber optic near infrared fluorescence spectroscopy (FONIRS)

JI Griffin, MJ Benchimol, D Simberg – Journal of Controlled Release, 2017 – Elsevier
custom-built 600 μm-excitation/emission probe via fiber-optic bundle (all from Ocean Optics, San
Jose OV = OceanView software, FO = fiber-optic probe, S/L = spectrofluorimeter/LED in black
enclosure, P = power Properties of fluorophores used in the study and the optical setup

In-situ and real-time monitoring of enzymatic process of wheat gluten by miniature fiber NIR spectrometer

Y Zhang, L Luo, J Li, S Li, W Qu, H Ma… – Food Research …, 2017 – Elsevier
NIR spectra were recorded using a miniature NIR Analyzer (NIRQUEST256-2.5) (Ocean Optics,
America) (Fig. 1a). The NIR instrument was connected to a fiber optic probe (TP300) (Ocean,
America) with a transmission and reflection module (Fig.1b) positioned inside

[HTML] The effect of path length, light intensity and co-added time on the detection limit associated with NIR spectroscopy of potassium hydrogen phthalate in …

T Inagaki, T Watanabe, S Tsuchikawa – PloS one, 2017 –
optics, Florida) equipped with a water jacketed cuvette holder (CUV-UV: Ocean optics, Florida)
that than resulting from such a result due to the external fiber optic cable attached scan times
(spectral pre-treatment: gap-segment second derivative, 23 segments, optical path length

Intelligent evaluation of color sensory quality of black tea by visible-near infrared spectroscopy technology: A comparison of spectra and color data information

Q Ouyang, Y Liu, Q Chen, Z Zhang, J Zhao… – … Spectroscopy, 2017 – Elsevier
a transmittance module with variable optical length, (4) a spectrometer (USB2000 +, Oceanoptics
Inc., USA samples were measured in a quartz cuvette with a 10 mm optical path length in from
200 to 1100 nm with 2048 variables, using Spectra Suite (Ocean Optics) software and

Broadband optical properties of biomass burning aerosol and identification of brown carbon chromophores

N Bluvshtein, P Lin, JM Flores, L Segev… – Journal of …, 2017 – Wiley Online Library
samples were taken with a UV- Vis spectrometer (USB 2000+, Ocean Optics) at 250 group
acknowledges support from the US Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric
2008), Brown carbon spheres in East Asian outflow and their optical properties, Science

A new Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy instrument to study atmospheric chemistry from a high-altitude unmanned aircraft

J Stutz, B Werner, M Spolaor, L Scalone… – Atmospheric …, 2017 –
1Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of California Los Angeles, Los
Angeles Optical components 12 mm lens, f 35 mm, 12 mm [notdef] 12 mm Spectrometer Ocean
Optics QE65000 Ocean Optics QE65000 Ocean Optics NIRQuest 512 Grating (g mm1

Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy for Surface Measurement of Liver Pathology

JH Nilsson, N Reistad, H Brange, CF Öberg… – European Surgical …, 2017 –
Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) is an optical measuring method that is fast, convenient,
and control the spectrometers and acquire data, computer software (Ocean-View; Ocean Optics)
was used of DRS instruments, consisting of a light source, a fiber-optic contact probe