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Save a Bundle on Spectroscopy Systems

Save A Bundle

We’ve packaged our spectrometers, accessories and software in convenient bundles to meet your most frequent measurement needs. Choose from standard and discounted options for absorbance, fluorescence, diffuse reflectance and plasma measurements. Reap the benefits of these application-ready setups and the option to select higher-value systems available at a great discount!

Interested in other special offers? Consider our spectrometer-laptop promo!

Request your quote and get your application-ready systems today!


Absorbance Bundles

Each bundle has everything you need for cuvette-based UV-Vis absorbance measurements. Choose one of our Flame spectrometer-based setups or upgrade to the applicable QE Pro spectrometer option and save 20% on retail pricing!

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Fluorescence Bundles

With these simple fluorescence setups, measure samples using our versatile 4-way cuvette holder, LED excitation source, large-diameter patch cord and general-purpose Flame or high-sensitivity QE Pro spectrometers. Software completes each package.

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NIR Reflectance Bundles

Each reflectance option includes two spectrometers for extended Vis-NIR coverage and utilizes a 45° diffuse reflectance probe with integrated tungsten halogen light source. Upgrade to the NIRQuest512 spectrometer for especially robust performance in the 900-1700 nm region.

Compare bundles for savings >


Plasma Measurement Bundles

If you need to measure plasma emission spectra, these bundle options are convenient, robust and easy to configure. Choose from the Flame-based spectrometer option, or for better optical resolution, select the HR2000+ES high-resolution spectrometer bundle. Fiber optic probe, cosine correct and software complete each bundle.

Compare bundles for savings >