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Save on NeoFox Optical Oxygen Sensors

Faster and Easier to Use than Electrochemical Oxygen Sensors

25% Discount on Robust Oxygen Sensor Now Available

NeoFox oxygen sensing systems from Ocean Optics are faster, more versatile and easier to use than electrochemical sensors – and they’re now available at dramatic savings.


Purchase any NeoFox model through March 15, 2018 at 25% off its retail price.


Fast, Reliable Measurements in Gases or Liquids

Ocean Optics oxygen sensing systems use phase detection of the fluorescence response in exclusive indicator materials to measure dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure. These oxygen-sensitive indicators can be applied to probes, patches and other form factors.


NeoFox is a phase fluorometer that operates in gas or liquid phase, is experiment-specific, has reaction times up to 10x faster than electrodes (<5 seconds) and can be used over wide temperature ranges (-10 °C-140 °C).


  • Combine NeoFox with probe and patch options appropriate for your setup
  • Measure dissolved or gaseous oxygen pressure over wide temperature and concentration ranges
  • Monitor oxygen in biological samples, headspace gases, corrosives, foods and more
  • Select custom calibration (gas or liquid phase) services and programmable sampling to optimize your setup
  • Configure setups for applications from fermentation to fuel tank monitoring

Learn how oxygen sensors work and what makes optical oxygen sensors a great alternative to electrochemical sensors.


NeoFox Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • The 25% NeoFox discount offer is valid from 13 October 2017 until 15 March 2018.
  • The 25% NeoFox discount applies to these models only: NeoFox-GT, NeoFox-Kit-Probe and NeoFox-Kit-Patch.
  • The 25% NeoFox discount does not apply to oxygen sensor probes, patches, accessories and calibration services.
  • The promotion does not apply to active Ocean Optics OEM customers or customers with an existing NeoFox blank purchase order or other special agreement.
  • Ocean Optics reserves the right to change the terms or conditions of the NeoFox discount promo at any time, for any reason, without prior written notice.


For more information, contact Ocean Optics at, phone your local Ocean Optics sales office, or visit the Live Chat link at