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Spectroscopy and Summertime

Applications Inspired by Sights and Sounds of Summer


A warm breeze, a holiday at the beach, fresh fruits and vegetables … Summertime conjures up all sorts of associations.

So, with summer as our inspiration, here are some applications featuring Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories in keeping with the season:


spectroscopy food and drink


Title Application Featured Products
Absorbance of Anti-Oxidants in a Fruit Juice Blend (PDF) Absorbance concentration of anthocyanins in acai juice USB4000-UV-Vis spectrometer with cuvette holder, fibers and deuterium source
Getting to the Root of Peach
Quality (PDF)
Identifying the rootstock of peaches HR2000+ spectrometer, reflection probe and tungsten halogen-deuterium source
Measuring Beer Color Identifying beer color using an OceanView software schematic USB2000+ spectrometer, cuvette holder and optical fibers
Near Infrared Diffuse Reflection Analysis of Fruit Determining starch and sugar content of mangoes NIRQuest series NIR spectrometers and accessories


For the person with a curious mind and backpack full of modular spectrometers and accessories, summertime inspiration might point in a different direction.


spectroscopy outdoors summer


Title Application Featured Products
Solar Irradiance Measurements using Miniature Spectroscopy (PDF)
Ground- and air-based solar irradiance measurements USB2000+-UV-Vis spectrometer, cosine corrector
The Sun Protection Factor of Sunscreen Examining the UV filtering efficiency of sunscreens Flame-S-UV-VIS-ES spectrometer, deuterium tungsten halogen source, filter holder
Transmission Characteristics of Sunglasses and Tinted Windows Evaluating UV and Vis-NIR wavelength filtering efficiency of lenses Flame spectrometer; STS-VIS spectrometer; ecoVis light source
VIDEO: Assessing Coral Reef Health Simulating reef conditions to demonstrate spectroscopic measurement options NIRQuest series NIR spectrometer and accessories
VIDEO: Spectroscopy in the Great Outdoors An Ocean Optics team explores a local barrier island STS and Flame series spectrometers, accessories


With holidays to enjoy and festivals to attend, summer is filled with lots of things to do. But even fun stuff can have some serious science behind it.


spectroscopy summer celebrate


Title Application Featured Products Inspired by …
Non-destructive Phenotyping of Postharvest Quality Traits of Tomatoes and Strawberries Quality grading of vegetables and fruits Ocean Optics legacy model Vis-NIR spectrometer Strawberries and cream at Wimbledon (England)
On-site variety discrimination of tomato plant using visible-near infrared reflectance spectroscopy Using NIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to distinguish tomato varieties USB2000+ spectrometer and accessories La Tomatina (Spain) – the world’s biggest food fight
Spectroscopy of Sports Drinks Absorbance and color measurements of sports beverages Flame spectrometer, deuterium tungsten halogen source, cuvette holder Tour de France, cycling’s biggest event
VIDEO: Ocean Optics Meets Le Maitre Pyrotechnics and Effects Monitoring plasma emission and emissive color of pyrotechnics Flame spectrometer and accessories Independence Day (USA); Bastille Day (France)