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Spectroscopy beyond the Laboratory

Ocean Optics explores applications across Land, Sea, Air and Space at BiOS/Photonics West 2015

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A scene from Photonics West 2014

Spectroscopy doesn’t just happen in the lab. Discover all the places spectroscopy can take you – from coral reefs on the ocean floor to stellar bodies in outer space – at the industry’s leading photonics conference. Please join us in San Francisco, California, for the SPIE 2015 BiOS (Feb. 7-8, Booth 8700) and Photonics West (Feb. 10-12, Booth 1814) exhibitions, which attract more than 1,200 companies and 20,000+ attendees.

Your Journey Begins Here

Ocean Optics has a long history of engaging customers in a remarkable variety of applications. Your work has inspired us to showcase our newest products by creating our most interactive booth ever (and we’re the guys whose displays have included pirates and superheroes!).

Booth visitors will have an opportunity to not just observe, but participate in measurements ranging from analyzing enzyme kinetics to evaluating air quality. Our goal is to encourage you to see spectroscopy in a new way – just as you have inspired us with the applications you’ve tackled using our spectrometers.

Sneak Peak at Booth Demos

Here’s a quick overview of just a few experimental setups at 2015 BiOS/Photonics West:

  • Coral health index – assessing marine life as an indicator of ecosystem vitality
  • Enzyme kinetics – capturing more accurate data to develop better therapeutic outcomes
    Soil analysis is one of myriad applications possible with modular spectroscopy.

    Soil analysis is one of myriad applications possible with modular spectroscopy.

  • Process stream monitoring – measuring absorbance of “Ocean Cola” at multiple points in a simulated process
  • Soil analysis – determining soil composition to shed light on more efficient crop production
  • Stellar spectroscopy – using atomic emission analysis to study the composition of stellar bodies

OEM/Custom Options and Other Good Stuff

In addition to showing exciting applications and new products, we’ll demonstrate OEM solutions such as turnkey systems for spirit sampling and Raman setups for applications including graphene measurement.

About the Shows

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