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Spectroscopy for Your Health

Optical Sensing Tools for Medical Diagnostics

Dental Curing Light Measurement

Ocean Optics provides spectrometersembedded systemsoptical sensors and other tools to solve research, development and point-of-care diagnostics measurement challenges. Setups can be configured for lab, industry and OEM requirements, with applications ranging from blood analysis and biological samples testing to cancer detection and tissue analysis.

Our customers have utilized spectroscopy to take on applications including health issues associated with aging populations, the emergence of more virulent diseases, and the consequences of environmental toxins and food contamination.

Why Choose Ocean Optics?

Optical sensing techniques like spectroscopy are well suited for health-related measurement challenges, where non-invasive and in vitro analyses are critical for rapid and accurate diagnoses. Ocean Optics offers UV-Vis, NIR and Raman spectroscopy options distinguished by several key features:

Small footprint – standard and OEM units small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, handheld Raman instruments and more

Modular components – customized systems readily configured for health and medical applications of all types

Portable design – miniature, modular spectrometers and fiber optic accessories bring the measurement to the sample

Easily embeddable – integration options from off-the-shelf and customized spectrometers and accessories to drop-in subsystems and turnkey solutions

Great reliability – more than 250,000 spectrometers in the field, enabling thousands of applications across dozens of industries and research disciplines


Example Applications for Health and Medical Technology

Application Notes and Video

Architectural in the Virtual Reality Cave

Blood Analysis without Pain for Neonates

Optical Monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen in Biological Blood Samples


Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy of liver tissue (abstract only)

Optimal wavelength selection for visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy discriminating human and nonhuman blood species (abstract only)

Open Access

Analysis of spectroscopic diffuse reflectance plots for different skin conditions

Development of a Lab-on-a-Chip Microfluidic System for the Detection of C-Reactive Protein in Whole Human Blood and an Antibody Biomarker for the Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

Hybrid Graphene Oxide Based Plasmonic-Magnetic Multifunctional Nanoplatform for Selective Separation and Label-Free Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers