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Technical Documents

Ocean Optics provides technical information and applications know-how to help you evaluate, operate and optimize our products for your measurement challenges. Our interactive Range & Resolution Calculator is a useful tool for determining anticipated spectrometer performance.

Getting Started visual guide, operating instructions, engineering-level specifications and material related to spectrometer performance are available for you. For further assistance, please contact an Ocean Optics representative.

Wavelength Calibration Light Sources

Note: The following information applies to Ocean Optics spectrometers only.

Interactive Optical Benches
How to Calculate Optical Resolution
Formula for Calculating Optical Resolution
Beer's Law (Beer-Lambert Law)

Detector Specifications
(provided by Manufacturer)
Used Inside Spectrometer
Toshiba TCD1304AP CCD-array FLAME-T, USB4000, HR4000, CHEM4-series
SONY ILX511B CCD-array FLAME-S, USB2000+, HR2000+, Jaz, Torus
SONY ILX511A CCD-array USB2000, HR2000
Hamamatsu S11510-1006 Apex, Ventana, Maya2000 NIR
Back-thinned Area CCD
Maya2000 Pro, Maya LSL
Hamamatsu S7031-1006 QE65 Pro, QE Pro
Hamamatsu G9204-512
InGaAs Linear Array
Hamamatsu G9205-512 NIRQuest512-1.9
Hamamatsu G9206-512W NIRQuest512-2.2
Hamamatsu G9208-512W NIRQuest512-2.5
Hamamatsu G9206-256
InGaAs Linear Array
Hamamatsu G9208-256
InGaAs Linear Array
ELIS1024 Line-scan Image Sensor SPARK, STS-UV, STS-VIS, STS-NIR