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Technical Documents

Ocean Optics provides technical information and applications know-how to help you evaluate, operate and optimize our products for your measurement challenges. Our interactive Range & Resolution Calculator is a useful tool for determining anticipated spectrometer performance.

Getting Started visual guide, operating instructions, engineering-level specifications and material related to spectrometer performance are available for you. For further assistance, please contact an Ocean Optics representative.

Light Sources
Radiometrically Calibrated Light Sources
Wavelength Calibration Light Sources

Note: The following information applies to Ocean Optics spectrometers only.

Interactive Optical Benches
How to Calculate Optical Resolution
Formula for Calculating Optical Resolution
Beer's Law (Beer-Lambert Law)

Detector Specifications
(provided by Manufacturer)
Used Inside Spectrometer
Toshiba TCD1304AP CCD-array FLAME-T, USB4000, HR4000, CHEM4-series
SONY ILX511B CCD-array FLAME-S, USB2000+, HR2000+, Jaz, Torus
SONY ILX511A CCD-array USB2000, HR2000
Hamamatsu S11510-1006 Apex, Ventana, Maya2000 NIR
Back-thinned Area CCD
Maya2000 Pro, Maya LSL
Hamamatsu S7031-1006 QE65 Pro, QE Pro
Hamamatsu G9204-512
InGaAs Linear Array
Hamamatsu G9205-512 NIRQuest512-1.9
Hamamatsu G9206-512W NIRQuest512-2.2
Hamamatsu G9208-512W NIRQuest512-2.5
Hamamatsu G9206-256
InGaAs Linear Array
Hamamatsu G9208-256
InGaAs Linear Array
ELIS1024 Line-scan Image Sensor SPARK, STS-UV, STS-VIS, STS-NIR

In order to provide an outstanding support for existing products, please be informed that products listed in the Legacy Products tab cannot be supported as of June 30, 2017.