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Trivia Quiz Answers

We hope you enjoyed our trivia quiz, and invite you to peruse our website for interesting spectroscopy tools you can use for your day job. We used a combination of Wikipedia and both science and Olympic-related sites to create our quiz.


  1. a.-i. (Curie, cycling); b.-.j (Fermi, tennis); c.-g. (Einstein, sailing); d.-f. (Hubble, shotput); e.-h. (Tyson, wrestling).
  2. Stockholm was the site of the 1912 Summer Olympics. Helsinki hosted in 1952, Montreal in 1976 and Barcelona in 1992.
  3. This is trick question. All of these discoveries and inventions existed before the 1896 Games.
  4. Germany. You can quibble about how to consider Germany and Russia pre- and post-Cold War, but by our tally the countries are second and third in our “brains-and-brawn” rankings. The U.K, France and China round out the rest of the list.
  5. This was an easy one. Gold has a melting point of 1064 °C and silver is 961 °C. Bronze, which is an alloy, ranges from about 913-950 °C depending on the alloy composition.

Bonus: Most sources report that Olympic gold medals contain about 6 grams of gold. The rest of the medal primarily comprises silver.


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