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Updates to the Awesome STS Microspectrometers

The STS Microspectrometer is a remarkably small instrument that’s helping users tackle measurement challenges ranging from absorbance of DNA samples at different concentration levels to reflectance of grains being evaluated for chemical composition.

The STS has a very small footprint — just 40 mm x 24 mm — and is super-lightweight at 68 g. Its advanced optical design and CMOS detector elevate STS to performance levels comparable to larger spectrometers. Excellent linearity, absorbance repeatability and wavelength accuracy ensure unit-to-unit reproducibility, even in large production quantities. In addition, STS has high thermal stability performance and low baseline drift help to ensure instrument accuracy, even under changing environmental conditions.

STS-UV Microspectrometer-1

Application Variety

Our STS-UV (190-650 nm), STS-VIS (350-800 nm) and STS-NIR (650-1100 nm) models are helping customers solve a wide range of measurement challenges:

  • Flying aboard an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to collect high resolution, synchronized spectral measurements of barley and sugar beet crops in New Zealand grassland. The data collected provides insight into crop production optimization and its impact on the environment.
  • Measuring absorbance of dilute and concentrated DNA solutions at 260 nm, a task which takes advantage of its high dynamic range and SNR. From 0.004 to 1.7 AU, the results are surprisingly linear!
  • Collecting reflected light in the Shortwave NIR from different types of grains for analysis of moisture content during processing and preservation.

Connect, Code, Create Right Out of the Box

The STS Developers Kit is the easiest way to develop and integrate spectral sensing into your application. Leveraging the STS microspectrometer, a Linux-powered Raspberry Pi microcomputer, a Lithium Ion battery and an easily customizable software platform, the kit is built for out of the box WiFi and much more. Put it on a UAV, create a remote monitoring station, develop a handheld device – this is spectral sensing made quick, easy and flexible.

STS is a cost-effective, high performance and highly reproducible spectrometer for handheld, point-of-use and myriad other OEM applications.