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We Could Be Heroes: Celebrating Scientists and Researchers in 2016

New Products, Trade Shows and Applications Kick Off 2016 in Style

Collage of Applications

Modular spectrometers are more accessible than ever, enabling researchers and scientists to address a range of application challenges. Our toolkit of optical sensing solutions is robust and expansive, backed by the industry’s most knowledgeable and creative team of problem solvers.

We look forward to a year of discovery, coming to you with a full slate of exhibitions, plus exciting new products, application notes and videos. What challenges await the research and science community in 2016? What new measurement problems can we help you solve? Let’s tackle them together.

Cool New Products

  • Flame-NIR – About one-fourth the cost of traditional NIR systems, Flame-NIR pairs a small optical bench with a high performance uncooled InGaAs array detector for spectral response from 950-1650 nm.
  • NIRQuest enhancements – Our benchtop NIR system gets a boost with a built-in shutter and replaceable slits. The shutter conveniently manages dark measurements, improving signal throughput. Replaceable slits provide users with greater measurement flexibility.
  • Spark spectral sensor – This ultra-compact visible spectral sensor (380-700 nm) is an excellent option for light measurement applications and an affordable tool for teaching labs

Also, be sure to check out new developments in substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, optical sensors for oxygen and pH, and fully integrated absorbance spectrophotometers for teaching labs.

To learn more, contact a regional office or distributor near you or reach out to us directly. And take advantage of these additional resources: 

On the Road Again

Experience our latest products and applications with live demos at trade shows and exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe:

Pittcon-2016-JPG-Color-Logo March 7-10 Global expo showcases lab instrumentation
ACS Logo March 13-15 National gathering of the American Chemical Society
Photonics Europe Logo April 5-6 Premier photonics industry event in Europe
Analytica Logo May 10-13 Global trade fair for lab technology in research and industry