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World Cup of Applications Champions

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Polarized Light Pollution: A New Kind of Ecological Photopollution – Bruce Robertson

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The Faint Red Glow of Photosynthesis – Andreas Burkart

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More Great Submissions

Initial Fracture Resistance and Curing Temperature Rise of Ten Contemporary Resin-Based Composites with Increasing Radiant Exposure – Adrian Shortall

Real Time Aptamer QD Sensor – Anastasia Bogomolova

Axial VS Side Illumination of a Fluorescent Cladding Optical Fiber – Claudio Egalon

Multiple Sample Fluorescence Spectroscopy Using A Side Illuminated Optical Fiber – Claudio Egalon

Side Illuminated Optical Fiber Sensor For Nitrate Using UV Absorption – Claudio Egalon

Simultaneous Sensing Of Multiple Samples With A Single Spectrometer – Claudio Egalon

Characterization of X-ray Detector Operating Parameters – Dan Sporea

Under the Sharp Eye of the SpectroMatic – Didier Perret

Spectral Reflectometry Technique for Measuring Bilayers System Optical Parameters – Edgars Nitiss

Optical Scattering by Dense Disordered Metal Nanoparticle Arrays – Edgars Nitiss

Hyperspectral imaging – Hidden Image Detection Using Luminescence Spectral Measurements – Edgars Nitiss

Spectroscopic Measurements of Amplified Spontaneous Emission in Organic Thin Films – Edgars Nitiss

Cat-O2 Sensor for H2O2 Determination Based on Foxy-R O2 Sensor – Estefanía Ortega Castell

Hidalgo Sensors Design – Fernando Guerra

Searching for the Author of Vukovar Landscapes – Igor Lukačević

In Situ Monitoring of Light Generated By Quantum Dots in Integrated Photonic Devices in the VIS-NIR Spectral Range – Isaac Suárez

FBG ANEMOMETER – Jakub Maršálek

Zenascope Optical Spectroscopy in Tissue Michael Berndt – High Power 1940 nm 200 um Diode Laser for Medical Applications – Jesko von Windheim

In-line Application Based on Interferometric Spectroscopy to Check the Presence on Hardcoat Thin Layers on Car Headlights During the Production – Milan Kicmer

MedPAT The fist Point-of-Care Tricoder for Personalized Healthcare – Rui Costa Martins

Tungsten Coil Atomic Emission Spectrometry (Calcium determination in Biodiesel Samples) – Sidnei Silva

Ocean Optics in the Teaching and Research Laboratories – Swarna Basu

Compressive Sensing Spectrometry Based on Liquid Crystal Devices – Yitzhak August